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The vast majority of wills and probate solicitors do not handle cases involving courtroom work of any kind. Their work takes place primarily in an office setting, and they have little experience with litigation. Our contested probate solicitors are different. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to take on both contested and non-contested cases.

You are not legally required to seek the assistance of a solicitor when drafting your will. In fact, plenty of "do-it-yourself" will making packets and guidebooks are available all over the Internet. DIY kits are often a serious gamble. Your will is all you have to speak to your wishes after you pass away. It is your sole opportunity to direct how your assets will be distributed. It is far too important a matter to leave up to a mass-produced document often drafted by an amateur with little legal experience. With homes in the United Kingdom worth an average of several hundred thousand pounds, far too much is at stake to rely on a fill-in-the-blank form.

By contrast, wills and probate solicitors are educated, experienced and held accountable for the quality of their services by both the law as well as numerous organisations. All solicitors including contested probate solicitors in the United Kingdom must carry insurance and make contributions to a compensation fund. In order to renew their practicing certificate, solicitors must continue their education, by regular attendances at appropriate courses. No such oversight exists when it comes to DIY services.

Many people think that they cannot afford to use a solicitor to write their will. This is a common misconception. Remember, a solicitor does much more than just put words down on paper. Your solicitor is drawing on a vast storage of knowledge and education. By using a solicitor, you'll have greater peace of mind, and you can feel confident that you are shielding your family from expensive, protracted litigation. You can be sure that your loved ones will be provided for.

Numerous contested probate solicitors make their living by dealing with litigation over poorly drafted wills. All too often these wills are deemed invalid because the testator failed to meet one of the legal requirements for a binding will. Here are some of the most common errors made by individuals who use DIY wills:
  • failure to properly execute the document in accordance with the legal signature and witnessing requirements, causing the entire document to be void
  • failure to distribute the entirety of your estate, thereby enabling the Crown to claim the remaining assets
  • failure to account for the effects of events such as divorce, marriage, birth and death
  • failure to make adequate provisions for the continued support of dependents

Our solicitors specialise in contested wills and disputed probate law. When working with one of our solicitors, you will understand every aspect of the legal process. We believe that clients deserve better than being bamboozled by legal jargon. We always communicate in plain English and answer any questions you may have. Telephone us on our helpline or complete the contact form to speak with one of our solicitors who will give you free advice with no obligation.

HELPLINE 0845 190 8346